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Steve Campbell campbell at CNPAPERS.COM
Thu Dec 8 13:52:46 GMT 2005

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Subject: Re: Log Analysis

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>> Rick,
>> This particular problem to which I am referring was a typo in the
>> documentation which showed the command to add the user to the database. I
>> used the errant one and ended up with a different
>> username/password than the
>> one I entered. So I just configured the scripts to use the wrong one and
>> never looked back. This was before the OLD_PASSWORD problem
>> existed. But if
>> I hadn't queried the database, I would have ended up like you
>> describe for
>> yourself, and may have just given up.
>> Steve
> [...]
> Well I got the latest of everything and installed it and everything went
> fine, except for the addition of the MailWatch Admin user. When I tried to
> add that I had a column count error and I just looked at the table 
> structure
> and added ,'0','0','0','0','' to the end of the command and all was well.
> MailWatch.pm came right up and started logging. As I have very
> geographically dispersed servers I have a program that each one uses to
> retrieve updates or new items and process and install so I have to write
> install scripts that will run unattended for anything like this. It was
> actually easy so I had them all up and operational in about 10 min after
> writing/testing the install script.
> Now I have noted one problem I have to look into, and yes I will subscribe
> to the MailWatch list, but I store and forward spam and when I did a test
> release of one of the spams it was really messed up with the To name 
> missing
> in the display and looking a the headers it was ugly and the apparent to
> name it released to was the forwarded mailbox user name not the originally
> intended recipient.
> Other than that all appears to be fine. Of course if you are not familiar
> with MySql that admin user problem could get you into a real trick bag.
> My apologies again to anyone who was offended or thought I was 
> disrespecting
> MailWatch, that wasn't my intention. I only wanted to point out that
> installation wasn't as simple as following the docs, and still isn't, but
> what ever the issue with the older version of MailWatch was when it came 
> to
> connection to the database it has certainly been solved.
> Rick
> --

Glad to hear you have MW working. I haven't upgraded to the Version 1 stuff 
yet, but appreciate your posting as it may help when I do upgrade.

Steve Campbell
campbell at cnpapers.com
Charleston Newspapers

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