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Shaun McGuane smcguane at MAILSHIELD.COM.AU
Thu Dec 8 04:36:03 GMT 2005


I have a question or 2 for this list. I hope you guys can help here.

1. Is there a way to change the delivery notifications for blocked content
and other various things to a html notification. I use mailscanner as a
managed service and i would like to be able to notify using html not txt. An
example is the attachment that comes along on an email if something is
blocked. I would prefer it just to send an email to the receipient or the
sender to notify it was blocked for a reason and not the original message be
quarantined or deleted.

2. Are there any people out there that can customise mailscanner and
mailwatch to be able to provide reporting to my customers who use it. I am
willing to pay for this as an addon or someone to program this. I feel that
my customers should get a report each month that has my template of my
business as a design and they can see all the pretty information such as pie
charts and breakdowns for there organisation.

I look forward to your replies
Shaun McGuane

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