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Peter Russell pete at ENITECH.COM.AU
Thu Dec 8 03:14:22 GMT 2005

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OK, using the regexp in the table has worked fanatastic thanks for all 
the tips and pateince explaining it to me.

I have a perl script that queries Domino LDAP and i modded it to get the 
left and right sides of the table automagically.

Which is greaty cos now regular admins can msake changes to domino and 
MailScanner will honour them :)

Thanks again

Drew Marshall wrote:
> On Thu, December 1, 2005 13:13, Pete Russell wrote:
>>Thanks for your response, only draw back is that i have half a dozen
>>domains on these machines now, some already virtual and therefore i
>>would have no way of seperating the duplicates?
> No worries but I am confused by your duplicates problem. If the user is
> currently listed in a virtual domain, just remove that domain from the
> virtual list in main.cf and add it to the local domain list, or have I
> totally missed the mark?
>>The 2 new domains in my example, the address books are Lotus Domino on
>>NT4 - so LDAP only, which i currently query with perl to build recipient
>>maps (which cuts 50%+ of mail off at helo :), i also query AD for a
>>couple of domains. I am modifying one of these scripts to build my maps
>>automatically, but i am running behind, at this time i just need to
>>decom one Domino server that currently does the aliasing.
>>I will use Glenn's example /^pete at .*domain1\.tld/ pete1 at domain3.tld for
>>the format of the map and make them manually doing view exports from the
>>NAB and mail merge for tomorrow :)
> Good luck! Hope it all goes well.
>>Thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated
> No worries.
> Drew

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