smtp load balancer???

DAve dave.list at PIXELHAMMER.COM
Wed Dec 7 20:34:11 GMT 2005

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Chris Conn wrote:
>> I have a toaster removed from DNS now for over two weeks awaiting an 
>> OS upgrade, and it is still handling thousands of messages a day. A 
>> good load balancer will solve that problem.
> So will reducing the record's TTL to a small value.  For instance, your 
> domain "" has a MX with priority of 1 called 
> "".  The TTL for that hostname is 24 hours....
> Set it to a number of seconds instead of a number of hours and you no 
> longer need worry, except for the odd broken DNS implementation, which 
> should be rare.


> BIND is your friend:
> avhost      5       IN      A
> avhost        5       IN      A
> gives you a 5 second TTL on both records.  Remove one, reload DNS, and 5 
> seconds later it never existed.

Been there, done that. My FreeBSD machines worked fine, my Macs worked 
fine, my clients with Windows 2003 server continued to cache the record. 
Two weeks ago I changed the IP on from 
to, yet I still have traffic. This is not supposed to be 
so, I have had plenty of people tell me is not so, yet I have traffic. 
When I call a client and have them go to their office server and run 
"ipconfig /flushdns" everything works again.


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