smtp load balancer???

Chris Conn cconn at ABACOM.COM
Wed Dec 7 20:11:36 GMT 2005

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> I have a toaster removed from DNS now for over two weeks awaiting an OS 
> upgrade, and it is still handling thousands of messages a day. A good 
> load balancer will solve that problem.

So will reducing the record's TTL to a small value.  For instance, your 
domain "" has a MX with priority of 1 called 
"".  The TTL for that hostname is 24 hours....

Set it to a number of seconds instead of a number of hours and you no longer 
need worry, except for the odd broken DNS implementation, which should be rare.

BIND is your friend:

avhost      5       IN      A
avhost	    5       IN      A

gives you a 5 second TTL on both records.  Remove one, reload DNS, and 5 
seconds later it never existed.


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