adding a reject reason to spam messages

Sam Przyswa samp at ARIAL-CONCEPT.COM
Wed Dec 7 12:34:40 GMT 2005

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Glenn Steen a écrit :

>On 07/12/05, Sam Przyswa <samp at> wrote:
>>Erick Perez a écrit :
>>>Well, if a legitimate user is sending a mail from an ip block that has
>>>been tagged as spam-generating (like an open-proxy that was later
>>>closed), i wanted to tell the user that his/her email was
>>>rejected/tagged as spam because it appeared in a spam/openproxy database.
>>>I've been in that position several times because one of the internet
>>>providers I use is being constantly entered into spam generating
>>>When I was blocked i whised something will bouce back telling me why
>>>was not delivered instead of making me "think" it was delivered.
>>>ok, maybe not the user, but how about a forward to the postmaster of
>>>the offending domain with a copy of the message that triggered the reject?
>>I have the same problem with a customer of mine, some sender are on
>>blacklisted ip bloc or blacklisted ISP mail server, and the mails are
>>quietly rejected by MailScanner, but these mails are GOOD and must be
>>delivered OR the sender MUST BE notified by the no-delivery and why !
>>If MailScanner is not able to do that my customer want disabled it and
>>prefer to use a Windows anti-spam app on each desktop because it's MORE
>>IMPORTANT for my customer, to notify the sender than to think the mail
>>was delivered when it's not, 2 days ago he loosed an important mail from
>>its lawyer because of that.
>Yes, and that is exactly why you should be rejecting thos at the MTA,

If I have to put all the lists on MTA level (sendmail for this customer) 
and then in MailScanner to _just_ bounce rejected mail to the senders, I 
don't need MailScanner, Sendmail or Postfix is enough but not always 
easy to configure, I use the MailScanner Webmin module to do that in 
remote and it's the right solution for me but...

>or only use BKs in SA to score.... And then inform the customer by way
>of quarantine report or similar.

In this case I have to notify ALL the spam to the recipients not very 

Thanks for your reply.


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