adding a reject reason to spam messages

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 7 12:15:31 GMT 2005

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On 07/12/05, Sam Przyswa <samp at> wrote:
> Erick Perez a écrit :
> > Well, if a legitimate user is sending a mail from an ip block that has
> > been tagged as spam-generating (like an open-proxy that was later
> > closed), i wanted to tell the user that his/her email was
> > rejected/tagged as spam because it appeared in a spam/openproxy database.
> >
> > I've been in that position several times because one of the internet
> > providers I use is being constantly entered into spam generating
> > ip-blocks.
> >
> > When I was blocked i whised something will bouce back telling me why
> > was not delivered instead of making me "think" it was delivered.
> >
> > ok, maybe not the user, but how about a forward to the postmaster of
> > the offending domain with a copy of the message that triggered the reject?
> I have the same problem with a customer of mine, some sender are on
> blacklisted ip bloc or blacklisted ISP mail server, and the mails are
> quietly rejected by MailScanner, but these mails are GOOD and must be
> delivered OR the sender MUST BE notified by the no-delivery and why !
> If MailScanner is not able to do that my customer want disabled it and
> prefer to use a Windows anti-spam app on each desktop because it's MORE
> IMPORTANT for my customer, to notify the sender than to think the mail
> was delivered when it's not, 2 days ago he loosed an important mail from
> its lawyer because of that.
> Sam.

Yes, and that is exactly why you should be rejecting thos at the MTA,
or only use BKs in SA to score.... And then inform the customer by way
of quarantine report or similar.

-- Glenn
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