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Wed Dec 7 11:47:00 GMT 2005

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> Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2005 6:15 AM
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> Don't be (sorry), I can well relate to this not meaning that much to you.
> Still, there are reason we who actually run MW are a bit
> fanatical about it:-):
> - MailWatch is a _very_ handy tool
> - It has a huge "PHB charming effect"
> - It has a large amount of convenience functions, both for users
> and admins
> - <insert favourite hype... I've got a bad cold and can't think
> straight....:-)>
> So recommending it isn't all about it being easy to set up, it's about
> it actually adding value to the whole system... Oh well, now *I* sound
> likea sales rep....
> Your problem _is_ strange though, and it would certainly benefit the
> MW community to try penetrate it, and possibly benefit you too....:-).
> I assume you've checked the DBI trace and couldn't find anything in there?
> What version(s) of DBI/DBD-mysql and MW did you try? The
> "finicky-ness" about DBD-mysql should have gone away with MW 1.x ....
> Also.... what users have you tried as? The same as you run the MTA as?
> If you'd rather not pursue this, then just say so and I'll shut up...
> Otherwise, let's take it over to the MW list...:-)

I promise I will actively look at this as soon as I get some free time. I
never really pursued it because, frankly, I have my own stuff that does all
that I need and is specifically designed to work with the rest of my server
management toos. Yesterday is the most time I have ever spent on it. Before
I try it again I will install the latest Bundle::DBD:mysql and see if that
helps (I think I already have the latest but I will check). I will also make
sure I have the latest MailWatch as it's been awhile since I even tried it.

I never ment to 'dis' MailWatch, and I am aware a lot of admins use it
sucessfully and I should not have enjoined the conversation in the first
place, unless I had something constructive to say.

My Bad


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