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On 06/12/05, Rick Cooper <rcooper at dwford.com> wrote:
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> > Behalf Of Dhawal Doshy
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> [...]
> > The MailWatch front-end uses php to talk to the database and has
> > nothing to
> > do with perl.. It is only the MailWatch.pm file that hooks on to
> > mailscanner
> > (not mailwatch) and logs to the database.
> >
> > Anyways, i have zero benefit from you using mailwatch, though a
> > lot of us do
> > and do so quite well. btw a quick check on the mailwatch-users archive
> > doesn't show any postings from you, looks like you are complaining about
> > mailwatch without asking for any help ever..
> >
> Yes, the MailWatch front end is php and it uses the same information and it works. That was the point, the problem is in the perl implementation somewhere. I realize that MailWatch.pm is the source of trouble. I can also take the same basic code out of MailWatch and it works fine dumped into another script. I use the DBI mod myself in a couple of perl programs so I don't think that is the issue. I have tried the driver:database:host syntax within MailWatch and that doesn't work either.
> No I never asked for help as it wasn't that important to get going, I am sure I can run it down when I get the desire to do so.
> I was not complaining, someone gave a response to the OP that they recommended something else because they could never get MailWatch working and someone else responded it's easy, just follow the directions and it works... this is just not true in every instance and that is what prompted my comment.
> I have no problem with MailWatch, it looks like a nice package, I just find it odd that it's the only thing dealing with MySql that I have ever had the least issue with. I didn't mean to ruffle anyone's feathers, it started out just a comment, and I added the detail of the things I had done so the thread wouldn't travel down the "try xyz or did you do this" trail.
> Sorry,
> Rick

Don't be (sorry), I can well relate to this not meaning that much to you.
Still, there are reason we who actually run MW are a bit fanatical about it:-):
- MailWatch is a _very_ handy tool
- It has a huge "PHB charming effect"
- It has a large amount of convenience functions, both for users and admins
- <insert favourite hype... I've got a bad cold and can't think straight....:-)>

So recommending it isn't all about it being easy to set up, it's about
it actually adding value to the whole system... Oh well, now *I* sound
likea sales rep....

Your problem _is_ strange though, and it would certainly benefit the
MW community to try penetrate it, and possibly benefit you too....:-).
I assume you've checked the DBI trace and couldn't find anything in there?
What version(s) of DBI/DBD-mysql and MW did you try? The
"finicky-ness" about DBD-mysql should have gone away with MW 1.x ....
Also.... what users have you tried as? The same as you run the MTA as?

If you'd rather not pursue this, then just say so and I'll shut up...
Otherwise, let's take it over to the MW list...:-)

-- Glenn
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