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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Tue Dec 6 17:06:25 GMT 2005

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On Tue, December 6, 2005 16:25, Andrea Bazzanini - ITEXMIL1 wrote:
> Drew Marshall wrote:Thanks !!  :)
>>maruscya at marcuscya at
>>marcuscya at
> I think that all address is writed on one line only !?!?

Yes, sorry got wrapped by my webmail.

> I search the viartual-alias on configuration parameters, but i can't
> find it... i found only virtual_alias_maps ...

That's the one. Sorry I didn't spell it out very well (As you can all the
file anything you want) but in the parameter is virtual_alias_maps
= /path/to/virt_alias_maps/file. Likewise for virtual_mailbox_maps.

>>marcuscya at
>> /path/to/virt/mailboxes/marcuscya/.maildir/
> The same problem.. i found only virtual_mailbox_maps
>>  relay:[]
> I use domain.example  smtp:[IP] is it ok or i need change into Relay:[ip]?

No you can use either. relay tells postfix to relay the mail to the IP
address using any transport type, smtp: tells Postfix to relay the message
using smtp to the IP address specified.
>>I would then use something like Courier to manage the IMAP connection and
>>set the file to delete mail in the inbox over x days old so you
>>don't have Gb's of mail that you users won't need (Unless you need/ want
>>to retain an archive).
> The first step is create a copy :) The second step is store last 30 days !
>>This will then have all your mail scanned by MailScanner with one copy
>>dropped into individual gateway mailboxes and to the Exchange box, which
>>is what I think you want to do?
> Only one question... I receive email like maruscya at i must
> forward to exchange the same address. I cannot change domain into
> maruscya at (my KnowHow on exchange is low at the
> moment) Is it a problem??

No, I don't think so (Although I have never tried!) just make the alias
maps read:

maruscya at marcuscya at marcuscy at

make sure you add as local is so Postfix knows
to deliver this mail locally.

> Thanks a lot for your help.

No worries


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