4.48 and spamassassin warnings

Nigel kendrick support-lists at PETDOCTORS.CO.UK
Tue Dec 6 13:49:24 GMT 2005

I've just got around to installing rulesdujour and as it runs it does a
spamassassin --lint to check the config. The results of this test gave
warnings about scores being assigned to undefined rules and this stopped
rulesdujour from doing its stuff. 

Upon checking I found the offending lines in the new mailscanner.cf file
installed with version 4.48. My first worry is that this problem has been
stopping spamassassin from working correctly with MailScanner?

Strangely enough I have gone around and installed rulesdujour on 4
(supposedly) identical systems and only two threw up this error.

Is any action needed on this?

Here are the lines - I have commented them out as necessary on my servers:

# =============== Change SpamAssassin Rules scores ===============

# To Change a SpamAssassin rule Score simply add an uncommented 
# line similar to:

score   VIRUS_WARNING15   0
score   VIRUS_WARNING28   0
score   VIRUS_WARNING33   0
score   VIRUS_WARNING62   0
score   VIRUS_WARNING66   0
score   VIRUS_WARNING226  0
score   VIRUS_WARNING250  0
score   VIRUS_WARNING300  0
score   VIRUS_WARNING326  0
score   VIRUS_WARNING339  0
score   VIRUS_WARNING340  0

I also don't know if this is related to MailScanner's new install but on TWO
(again) of the systems, 'bogus-virus-warnings.cf' threw up --lint errors and
the file turned out to comprise html from the download site containing a
'forbidden' message referring to the fact that I had downloaded the rule too
many times in the day - as it happens I don't recall installing this rule,
so is it installed by MailScanner? In the end I just deleted the file and
let rulesdujour pick it up again.

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