Viruses apparently getting through

Gib Gilbertson Jr. gib at TMISNET.COM
Mon Dec 5 01:09:44 GMT 2005

At 12:50 PM 4/12/2005, you wrote:

>>One thing I'm wondering about is why MailScanner isn't rejecting 
>>the file based on the file extension since it's set to deny in the 
>>filename.rules.conf file.
>>deny    \.zm9$
>Do you have the 2 logging and user report strings after that? There 
>must be 4 fields in each line in that file, or it will ignore the 
>line (and should log the syntax error).
>Julian Field
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Here is the full string from the filename.rules.conf file, tabs 
between fields...

deny    \.zm9$   Possible virus hidden in zip files      Sober .W virus

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