SA 3.1.0 scoring a lot of messages on this list rather high..

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Sat Dec 3 11:30:32 GMT 2005

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Matt Kettler wrote:
> It would appear that references to the wiki cause a strong-scoring SA 3.1.0 rule
> to fire off. "URI_NO_WWW_INFO_CGI", which matches URIs to CGI scripts in the
> info tld that don't start with www. matches the hostname
> requirements, and direct links to various PHP sub-pages containing a ? cause a
> match for the cgi part.
> This rule scores rather high, particularly for set3 users:
> score URI_NO_WWW_INFO_CGI 3.280 3.241 3.792 4.100
> And it double-fires with INFO_TLD:
> score INFO_TLD 1.373 0.813 1.457 1.273
> Giving messages with links to the wiki a >5.3 point penalty just for linking
> articles in the wiki (rather harsh).  This is contributing to some FPs on this
> list.
> Users might want to check and either whitelist this list, or adjust the scores
> of those rules.

If it helps anyone, i am using these 2 lines in my sa prefs to whitelist 
the list.

whitelist_from_rcvd owner-mailscanner at
bayes_ignore_from owner-mailscanner at

- dhawal

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