Why is MS doing spam checks first?

Remco Barendse mailscanner at BARENDSE.TO
Sat Dec 3 09:29:48 GMT 2005

> Do you have a local caching name server running on that box? If not you ought 
> to run one. Bind is really quite easy to set up to cache only (The 
> instructions are in /etc/named/named.conf or similar). Try increasing the 
> child processes one at a time until you reach the best you can. My old (Well 
> OK ancient!) 450Mz P3 with 128Mb of ram will run 2 processes without swapping 
> (With a maximum batch size of 25) and Bind so you box should manage more than 
> it is. Have a look in the wiki as there are some good optimisation tips in 
> there that will help.

Thanks for the tip!

Yes I do have my own caching nameserver running but as soon as I set the 
number of processes higher than 2 I start getting SA timeouts. With only 2 
I don't get any timeouts and everything is filtered as it should.

I don't know why SA is so slow. Whenever there has been an outage and 
there are several thousands of messages waiting SA seems to take hours to 
process one batch of let's say 30 messages or so.

I have the same behaviour on an almost identical box, frustrating.....

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