Incoming attachments with multiple "." in the name

James Gray james at
Thu Dec 1 21:05:21 GMT 2005

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On Friday 02 December 2005 04:58, Scott Silva wrote:
> This isn't from clamav. This is from the filename checks in MailScanner.
> You could disable this, maybe dangerous maybe not, or get your users to
> use some other de-limiter like - or _ instead of a "dot". If you are
> using the filetype checks, you might get away with disabling this.

I've been thinking about what it would take to make a check using both the 
filename and filetype checks.  IOW, if the file is named "mydoc.txt.doc" and 
the filetype check yields it as something other than a word document, it gets 
quarantined etc.

The difficulty is that you'd need to construct a fairly extensive map of file 
extension<->file type.  That's a bit of a show-stopper, and difficult to 
maintain IMHO.  Not sure if it would be particularly useful, but figured I'd 
post my meandering thoughts here for comment.


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