Why is MS doing spam checks first?

Ed Bruce ebruce at HPMICH.COM
Thu Dec 1 21:14:10 GMT 2005

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Scott Silva wrote:

 Ed Bruce spake the following on 12/1/2005 11:46 AM:

 Scott Silva wrote:


 Ed Bruce spake the following on 12/1/2005 6:13 AM:


 Remco Barendse wrote:



 You are excused ;)

But I think that the last few months SpamAss has turned out to be more
of a cpu+mem hog than any other check you would be doing on an e-mail.

I think that any virusscanner will have scanned the average message in
less than half a second wheras SpamAss is taking several seconds at least

Sorry if my message was unclear but maybe it's time to switch priorities?


 But its still true that the majority of the email we receive is spam.
I'm guessing this is still true for the majority of users of MS.

But I would prefer, for personal reasons, to have virus scanning first.



 IF you must have virus scanning first, you could use mimedefang or
clamav milter and scan for viruses first. But you will probably have
more load, not less.



 Load is not a problem, only processing about 2-3k msgs/day. More of the
way I configured MS to Work with Mailwatch so I can release msg from
quarantine. I now have infected emails in the spam directory. I've just
made sure that email from is virus scanned to stop them. But
by scanning for viruses first then infected emails are not identified as
SPAM only with no indication that they are infected.

 Did you try the following in MailScanner.conf?

# Do you want to stop any virus-infected spam getting into the spam or MCP
# archives? If you have a system where users can release messages from the
# spam or MCP archives, then you probably want to stop them being able to
# release any infected messages, so set this to yes.
# It is set to no by default as it causes a small hit in performance, and
# many people don't allow users to access the spam quarantine, so don't
# need it.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Keep Spam And MCP Archive Clean = yes


Sure did and I was not able to release quarantined email using Mailwatch
unless I set it to no ??? I'm guessing I may have something else
configured wrong???

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