bayes fails learning, but only sometimes

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Thu Dec 1 19:10:20 GMT 2005

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IT Dept wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Having a problem where sometimes I get errors when trying to teach bayes
> that a message is spam. MailWatch gives the following error:
>    SA Learn: bayes: failed rename /etc/MailScanner/bayes/_journal to
>    /etc/MailScanner/bayes/_journal.old, bayes: failed rename
>    /etc/MailScanner/bayes/_journal to
>    /etc/MailScanner/bayes/_journal.old, Learned from 0 message(s) (1
>    message(s) examined)
> Yet other times, it works fine.
> Is this a MailWatch issue (in which case, I'll ask over there), or a
> MailScanner one?

I assume you've got a bayes_path statement in one of your configs, since it's
pointing everything to /etc/MailScanner/bayes/

Obviously sa-learn is seeing this too.


1) do you have bayes_file_mode 0777? (global bayes DBs are unfortunately not
practical unless it's world rw. Since the mode is really a mask and gets used
for directories, it needs the 'x' bit as well)

2) do you have lock_method flock in spam.assassin.prefs.conf? Is there a
matching one in /etc/mail/spamassassin/*.cf? (sa-learn needs to use the same
lock_method as the SA inside MailScanner)

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