MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.48 released

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Dec 1 10:16:51 GMT 2005


I have just released the December version of MailScanner, version 4.48.

Download it as usual from

The major new features this month are:

- - The way spam.assassin.prefs.conf is used has changed.
   **You don't have to worry about this, the scripts  
handle it all for you.**
   The file used to be effectively read by MailScanner specially as  
SpamAssassin starts up, but there have been various problems with  
this as it breaks the rules on what SpamAssassin settings can be in  
what files. The file is now linked into the SpamAssassin directories  
(/etc/mail/spamassassin on most Linux, for example). It is no longer  
read specially by MailScanner, it is just read by SpamAssassin as  
part of its normal startup.

- - There is a new "Reject Message" configuration option that can cause  
some messages to be rejected and a rejection report sent back to the  
original sender of the message. This is designed to be used with a  
ruleset. Although you can easily configure your MTA (sendmail,  
Postfix, etc) to do this for you, you only have 1 line to use as the  
error message. Doing it in MailScanner allows you to send back a  
polite well-formatted message that can explain to the sender what  
happened and why. There is a matching "Rejection Report" setting that  
will set the name and location of the report sent to the sender.

The full Change Log is this:

* New Features and Improvements *
- - Added a new configuration option "Reject Message". This is designed  
to be
   used with a ruleset. Any message matching the ruleset will be  
deleted and
   the "" email message will be sent back to the  
   sender of the offending message. To save a copy of the message as  
well as
   reject it, use the "Archive Mail" setting.
- - Rearranged SpamAssassin spam.assassin.prefs.conf file, it is now  
read by
   SpamAssassin via a link called "" in the site_rules  
   It is no longer read directly by MailScanner, it is just read by  
   Assassin during its normal initialisation process.
- - Enabled blocking of messages containing web bugs. Note this may  
have some
   false alarms, as a web bug is any image of 2x2 or smaller.
- - Improved ClamAVmodule scanning by adding new suggestions from  
ClamAV author.
- - Changed ClamAV parser to not generate warning output when it sees  
lines it
   wasn't expected, as there are so many false positives that no-one  
   looks at them anyway.
- - Improved Sophos wrapper script to allow for EM library installations.
   No support for Sophos V5.0 yet.
- - Upgraded ClamAV to 0.87.1.
- - Added HTML::Parser to the list of Perl modules installed by my  
   package so it can be used separately from MailScanner, without  
   MailScanner to be installed first.
- - Improved Clam+SA package and other installation scripts to create  
the soft-
   link whenever possible.
- - Rewritten comments at the top of spam.assassin.prefs.conf.
- - Speed improvement changing &POSIX::WNOHANG to WNOHANG in sub Explode.

* Fixes *
- - Added "report-type" MIME attribute to spam notification multipart/ 
   messages as the RFC says it should be there, and this lacking  
caused a
   problem in a few email apps. Thanks for Georg at for this.
- - Added missing ", 0777" from mkdir call in internal TNEF code.
- - Fixed startup problems reading rulesets from LDAP on first message  
- - Subject lines are all MIME-decoded properly now.

- -- 
Julian Field
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