Problems with inbound mail queue

Mike Kercher mike at CAMAROSS.NET
Mon Aug 29 12:49:59 IST 2005

MailScanner mailing list <> scribbled on Monday, August 29, 2005 6:40 AM:

> I am not sure if this is a mailwatch or mailscanner problem,
> so I am posting it to both forums.
> I am having a considerable amount of emails building up in
> the inbound mailq.
> As of this morning there are 238 messages in there. There
> does not seems to be anything wrong with the messages, some
> are spam and others are not.
> They do not appear to have been processed at all, just
> hanging around in the queue.
> Mailscanner sees the messages, but does not process them.
> Here is a snippet of Logs; Aug 29 07:34:48 europa
> MailScanner[22046]: New Batch: Found 239 messages waiting Aug
> 29 07:34:48 europa MailScanner[22046]: New Batch: Scanning 1
> messages, 3335 bytes Aug 29 07:34:49 europa
> MailScanner[22046]: MCP Checks: Starting Aug 29 07:34:49
> europa MailScanner[22046]: MCP Checks completed at 3335 bytes
> per second Aug 29 07:34:49 europa MailScanner[22046]: Spam
> Checks: Starting
> I read some other posts about this and some people are just
> deleting them and purging the from the DB, but this does not
> seem to be a "solution" but a way to manage the problem.
> Does anyone know what the "fix" is? This problem did not
> start until I upgraded to Mailwatch 1.0.2 and MailScanner
> 4.4.6-1. It was installed from RPM on Redhat 9 running
> Sendmail 8.13.3-1. Mailwatch is running with Apache 2.0.52
> and php 5.0.3-1.
> Any ideas, anyone?
> -
> Thank you,
> Grant Della Vecchia
> System Administrator

I would start by looking at a filename in you and then grep your
maillog to see if that message has or has not been processed.  Do you have
your lock type set to posix in MailScanner.conf?


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