Problems with inbound mail queue

Grant grantd at AISMEDIA.COM
Mon Aug 29 12:39:35 IST 2005

I am not sure if this is a mailwatch or mailscanner problem, so I am
posting it to both forums.
I am having a considerable amount of emails building up in the inbound
As of this morning there are 238 messages in there. There does not seems
to be anything wrong with the messages, some are spam and others are not.
They do not appear to have been processed at all, just hanging around in
the queue.
Mailscanner sees the messages, but does not process them. Here is a
snippet of Logs;
Aug 29 07:34:48 europa MailScanner[22046]: New Batch: Found 239 messages waiting 
Aug 29 07:34:48 europa MailScanner[22046]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 3335 bytes 
Aug 29 07:34:49 europa MailScanner[22046]: MCP Checks: Starting 
Aug 29 07:34:49 europa MailScanner[22046]: MCP Checks completed at 3335 bytes per second 
Aug 29 07:34:49 europa MailScanner[22046]: Spam Checks: Starting 

I read some other posts about this and some people are just deleting
them and purging the from the DB, but this does not seem to be a
"solution" but a way to manage the problem. 
Does anyone know what the "fix" is? This problem did not start until I
upgraded to Mailwatch 1.0.2 and MailScanner 4.4.6-1. It was installed
from RPM on Redhat 9 running Sendmail 8.13.3-1. Mailwatch is running
with Apache 2.0.52 and php 5.0.3-1.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thank you,
Grant Della Vecchia
System Administrator
AIS Media, Inc. 
7000 Central Parkway, Suite 1700 
Atlanta, GA 30328 
Tel: 770.350.7998 ext. 506 | Fax: 770.350.9409 
URL: | Email: grantd at 

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