A way to check for check..

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Thu Aug 25 17:06:29 IST 2005

On Aug 25, 2005, at 3:19 AM, Joost Waversveld wrote:
> Which lists are you guys using?? I'm very curious.....

Which lists, or which rules?

For "which lists":

I tend to use SBL+XBL, and an aggressive greet_pause (30 seconds, with 
exceptions for Mac.com and Verizon).  These alone have reduced my spam 
intake dramatically (and I have only had 2 or 3 false positives in the 
several 1.25 years I have been using them - those false positives were 
the mac.com and verizon behaviors that lead to me giving them a 
greet_pause exception; since then, no false positives).  If there is a 
regular site that leaks through this, I might add them, for rejection, 
to my access database.  I think I have added 2 sites to my access 
database in the last 2 years, though.

For "which rules":

I don't add any special rules to SA, but I do increase the weight of 
the SBL, XBL, and RFCI scores (10 each for SBL and XBL, and the next 
highest integer for RFCI).

I do the above both at home and at work.

At home, I tend to get 450 delivered messages per day (that's both 
myself and my wife).  SBL/XBL/Greet_Pause tends to block another 150.  
For messages that are just to me, Spam Assassin catches about 10 more 
per day (put into a spam folder), and I end up with 0-2 unflagged spam 
messages per day in my regular mail folders.

(about 2/3 of our home email goes to my wife, and if we make that a 
general proportion, then that means, on average, I would have gotten 
about 200 msgs per day at home, of which 61 msgs were spam, with 1 of 
those spam messages getting through to my regular mail folders, and 
with a false positive rate that is so low it might as well be 0)

At work, my SA engine is rather out of date.  The "delivered messages" 
to "SBL/XBL/Greet_Pause blocked messages" ratio is about the same.  In 
my personal mail feed, though, the "what SA caught" vs "what SA missed" 
ratio is closer to 50/50.  However, my incoming mail volume at work is 
much higher, so it's more like 10-15 messages/per day that leak 

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