Links in {Disarmed} Messages Still Function

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Tue Aug 23 16:46:37 IST 2005

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On 23 Aug 2005, at 15:53, Ed Bruce wrote:

> Julian Field wrote:
>> Yes, they should still work. Due to the nature of the problem,   
>> identifying phishing attacks can never be totally free of false   
>> alarms. So you need the original link to still work when that  
>> happens.
>> On 23 Aug 2005, at 13:46, Daniel Straka wrote:
>> >Should the web links in disarmed messages work? Mine do, what do  
>> I  >need
>> >to do?
> If I set:
> Disarmed Modify Subject = yes
> Is this only fired off for suspicious links or are there other HTML  
> tags that are disarmed? I'm still trying to come up with a tag that  
> doesn't alarm or confuse our PHB :)

As phishing links are not disarmed, but just "brought to your  
attention", it does not do the "Disarmed Modify Subject" if that is  
all that was changed.

The "Disarmed Modify" does what it says on the tin, it modifies the  
subject line if any HTML tags were "disarmed", i.e. altered due to a  
"disarm" request in MailScanner.conf.

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