mailwatch upgrade - MailScanner no longer logging to MySQL

Steve Mason smlists at SHAW.CA
Fri Aug 19 15:54:59 IST 2005

Mark Campbell wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> I was trying to upgrade mailwatch(1.0.2) on a test box and now
> MailScanner no longer can log messages to MySQL, I have ensured that I
> have the latest CustomConfig and MailWatch pm files I get the following
> errors:
> Aug 18 17:57:25 palprx01 MailScanner[17654]: Unable to initialise
> database connection: Access denied for user: 'root at localhost' (Using
> password: NO)
> Aug 18 17:57:25 palprx01 MailScanner[17654]: Could not use Custom
> Function code MailScanner::CustomConfig::InitMailWatchLogging, it could
> not be "eval"ed. Make sure the module is correct with perl -wc
> I don't understand a) why it is trying to connect using root and
> secondly why I cannot see that init mail watch   

I just went through a similar experience.
For the root at localhost, check  the entry my($db_user) = in should be my($db_user) = 'mailwatch'; or whatever userid you created in your DB.

For the other error, my problem turned out to be a missing library, DBD-MySQL even though the previous version had been working...


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