Various Nod32 packages, which one should be used?

Mark Schouten marks at BIT.NL
Wed Aug 17 15:08:30 IST 2005

Hi all,

I am asked to test a (for us) new virusscanner, nod32. I saw that
MailScanner has a default wrapper, but I am doubting that I have the
correct Nod32-package.

There are two different version that are possible:
 NOD32 for Linux File Server (Debian)
 NOD32 for Linux Mail Server (Debian)

Now, I have the last one. But my guess is that I need the first one,
since the times that I saw nod32 on the mailscanner-site, it was the
command 'nod32'. That is also the command that's defined in the wrapper.

The closest thing I have is nod32cli which connects to the nod32d, but
nod32cli doesn't accept the cmd-line arguments that MailScanner feeds..

So, can anyone clearify this for me? :)


Mark Schouten <marks at>

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