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Gray, Richard richard.gray at DNS.CO.UK
Thu Aug 11 08:54:47 IST 2005

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I've got a small problem with the way MailScanner currently handles
messages as they arrive in the system.
I've got rules set up so that mail with a spam score > 10 will be
automatically deleted.
I also have MCP enabled and am using it as a profanity filter. This is
set to quarantine everything with a score > 4
The problem I have is that some of the spam that scores > 10 also happens
to contain a lot of profanity, and hence scores > 4 on the MCP filters.
This means that rather than the message being deleted, it gets
quarantined. I would like these messages to be deleted based on their
spam score rather than quarantined because of their MCP score.
I thought the 'First Check' entry in MailScanner.conf would be where to
fix this, so I changed this to 'First Check = spam', but this doesn't
seem to have done the trick.
Is there somewhere else I need to change this in order to make it work?
Or maybe there is a way to define the precedence of the various actions
(filetypes, actions, spam, etc.)
I guess what I'm suggesting is a new entry in MailScanner.conf for a user
to define the priority which each filter has. I personally would have the
order be: Virus, Spam, MCP, filetypes .... but I can see that other
people would do things differently.
I haven't looked into the code itself to make this change, but am happy
to do so, if someone could point me in the right direction.
Many Thanks,

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