Maximum number of files in the Archive

Rakesh rakesh at NETCORE.CO.IN
Sat Aug 6 14:44:19 IST 2005

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We were having a discussion the MailScanner channel about the feature of 
Maximum number of files that can be there in an Archive. But this 
feature has the potential to load the system as MailScanner finds the 
archives by content and not just name.

Apparently clamav has a similar feature with clamscan command line 
options as 
              Extract  first  #n files from each archive. This option 
              your system against DoS attacks (default: 500)
               Mark archives as viruses (e.g. RAR.ExceededFileSize, 
Zip.ExceededFilesLimit)  if  max-files,  max-space,  or  max-recursion  is

What we were thinking of is utilize the Clamav's capability to do the 
work. Obviously this will apply to the ClamAV users.

Say we can have a setting through MailScanner.conf

Maximum Number of Files in Archive = 500 (default)
Block Attachment if Max number exceeds (yes/no) = yes. # If this is set 
to know Clamav will scan only the first 500 files and ignore the rest.

This will help to keep a tap on the Maximum number files that can be 
there in the attachment. With causing un-necessary overhead for 

What do you guys say on this ?


Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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