Spamassassin always scores 0.

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Aug 3 19:02:46 IST 2005

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Milton R. Calnek wrote:
> I am currently running 3.0.2... before I upgrade...
> I ran MailScanner in debug mode and sent the gtube again.
> This is some of the output.  I'm concerned that it starts with score set
> 0 and then proceeds to score set 1.  Also, it's not reading the sa
> configuration file correctly.

Scoreset switches are NORMAL for SA unless you've hard-coded dns available.
We've discussed this much before.
> Any hints and or suggestions?

Yes... all those "failed to parse line" errors.. fix them. ASAP.

> debug: Score set 0 chosen.
> debug: running in taint mode? no
> debug: Failed to parse line in SpamAssassin configuration, skipping:
> use_razor1 0

Delete option. SA no longer supports razor1, so this option was dropped.

> debug: Failed to parse line in SpamAssassin configuration, skipping:
> decode_attachments 1

Not a valid SA option, and AFAIK, it never has been.

> debug: Score set 0 chosen.
> SA bayes lock is /root/.spamassassin/bayes.lock
> Bayes lock is at /root/.spamassassin/bayes.lock
> debug: Failed to parse line in SpamAssassin configuration, skipping:
> bayes_file_mode 0660

Well, I don't know why it failed to parse, it should honor this in every version
of SA starting with 2.50. Are you *sure* your install is really SA 3.0.2 and not
some old version.

Double check. Look for duplicate installs.

The behavior I see from your errors would be consistent with SA 2.43 trying to
parse SA 3.0 configfiles and a mixture of outdated and buggy options.

That said 660 would be a very bad idea to use as a bayes_file_mode. This appears
to be Julian's default in spam.assassin.prefs.conf. I'll take that up with him
in a separate message.

You *MUST* include the "x" bit in bayes_file_mode. It's used in creating
directories and very bad things will happen if you set it to anything other than
700, 770 or 777.

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