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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 3 10:00:16 IST 2005

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On 02/08/05, Aaron Bridge <abridge at hqtrs.com> wrote:
> What would you suggest for the MTA and POP/IMAP Server?
Postfix is my current MTA-love, and if I had a choice (we're
M-Sexchanged by will of the upper echelons) I'd use dovecot... But
you'll probably find a lot of people swearing by Cyrus, Courier and
even the simplistic (but workable) university of washington imap
server (or for that matter: swearing at:-).... And swearing by/at any
particular MTA...

You have a rather small group of users there (55 was it?) so any MTA
and any IMAP server would probably do. Choose one that seem simple to
manage to you (since that will probably make you do less misstakes)
and that you deem have the functionality you need. The MailScanner
wiki is actually a good read here;).
For example: One could in factors as "ability to do TLS, IMAPS ..."
and reach one conclusion (or a couple:-), but if those don't matter...
Then one probably reach some _other_ conclusion;)..

This is the fun thing with having control... You decide;-)

-- Glenn
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