No Virus-Scanning if..

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Tue Aug 2 20:47:59 IST 2005

Hi there,

i am using MS 4.42.9

But this was seen just right now:

In the Past i asked Julian to work around the Problem if some User does 
not want his Mails to be scanned, all other User shoud receive a scanned 

This worked in the Past.


Mail enters
recipient 2: User A and User B

User does not want his mails to be scanned, so i put up a RuleSet fromorto 
User a no scanning and default yes for scanning..

No some of my users received a virus infected mail.
They where in the Recipient List with the User who does not want his mails 
to be scanned.

So i checked it out.

Sended a mail with a rar file attached, in which you could find an 
ordinary exe-file.

If i do send the mail only to the users who want their mails to be 
scanned, this exe got caught and filtered out.

But, if the user who does not want his mails to be scanned, all other 
users also receive the exe-file. :(

In the past everything worked fine, without changing things on my sendmail 

As all incoming mails got one mailfile for every recipient. 


Any ideas??

Thanks in advance



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