SpamAssassin: where is my SPAM?

Mark Arrasmith arrasmith at MATH.WICHITA.EDU
Mon Aug 1 18:03:48 IST 2005

I'm running RedHat Enterprise 3, MailScanner 4.43.8, SpamAssassin 3.0.4, DCC, 
pyzor, RulesDuJour, and Sophos Antivirus.  This is an update from previous 
versions of MailScanner and SpamAssassin.

In MailScanner.conf I have the spam action rules as ...
     Spam Actions = deliver attachment

But, ever since I updated SpamAssassin (from 2.55 -> 3.0.4) I now get all the 
Spam being deleted.  What can I do to track this down?  I'd like to be able 
to run on "deliver" for a couple of weeks before just deleting all incoming 

- mark

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