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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Apr 29 22:05:02 IST 2005

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Matt Kettler wrote:

>Julian Field wrote:
>>As an extra point, you are using the bogus-virus-warnings SpamAssassin
>>ruleset. As a result, any mail from me or from the MailScanner list is
>>hitting rules such as VIRUS_WARNING62.
>>You need to add
>>score VIRUS_WARNING15   0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING28   0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING33   0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING62   0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING66   0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING226  0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING250  0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING300  0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING326  0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING339  0
>>score VIRUS_WARNING340  0
>>to your SpamAssassin configuration, so that mail from me does not get
>>such a big score.
>Julian, I'd revise that list. Really all he needs to disable is 62 to
>get mail from you. The others might hit mail from this list quoting spam
>reports, but some won't even do that. One doesn't even look to be
>MailScanner related at all.
ISS are our University computing services department, that is where the
ISSWarning.txt comes from. So it's very relevant for me. I don't
guarantee the list is quite up to date, I wrote it in a hurry a long
time ago.

>#This looks for a virus-scanning tool name in the From, including
>MailScanner (ie: Julian's mail)
>score VIRUS_WARNING62   0
>#These are body rules and might hit posts on this list with people
>quoting output from their MailScanner.
>score VIRUS_WARNING28   0
>score VIRUS_WARNING33   0
>score VIRUS_WARNING226  0
>score VIRUS_WARNING250  0
>score VIRUS_WARNING300  0
>score VIRUS_WARNING326  0
>score VIRUS_WARNING340  0
># The following are header rules that won't hit mail from you or this
>list, but will hit real virus warnings from MailScanner. Won't hit
>quotes on the list.
># These are probably safe to keep on, unless you re-scan your postmaster
>warning messages.
># subject mentions "email viruses detected"
>score VIRUS_WARNING15   0
> #Any header contains "Found to be infected"
>score VIRUS_WARNING66   0
>#This one appears to have nothing to do with MailScanner at all:
># looks for body-text reference to ISSWarning.txt, probably not
>MailScanner related despite description
>score VIRUS_WARNING339  0

Julian Field
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