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Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at WOODMACLAW.COM
Fri Apr 29 16:49:34 IST 2005

NOTE: I erased the rest of the message to get by the "looks like a
script" error"

Ok, telnet

To make it clear, I have a new MailScanner machine (the one that I am
trying to get working) and the one in production that is out of date on
software and hardware.

Anyway, I know that sendmail is having problems because when I telnet to
the new one it looks like it tries and just comes back to the command
prompt.  If I telnet to the old one a connection is made and shows some

Should I just reinstall sendmail on top of mine or something?  I
installed sendmail by selecting the package when installing centos4.0.
The service appears to be running ok.  I did the ch config that the book
and web site talks about.  A service  MailScanner  restart reads fine
for the services starting (outgoing and incoming sendmail starts fine).
If I look at the running services it has 1 sendmail running (under user
smmsp) which is the one that is suppose to be running isn't it?

I was comparing the service --status-all command between the 2 machines.
The services looks the same as far as MailScanner and sendmail look.
There is a sendmail running on each, and MailScanner running
(MailScanner,incoming sendmail, outgoing sendmail)

Billy Pumphrey
IT Manager
Wooden & McLaughlin

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