ANNOUNCE: beta release 4.41.2

Chuck Foster chuck.foster at STREAMSHIELD.COM
Thu Apr 28 14:03:39 IST 2005

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Hi Julian,

localtime acts upon a time integer if you pass it as a parameter, so if you
save the current time first you can then use it in subsequent calls - that
way you can call localtime twice with the same time. My original message had
a patch for that (and kept it as a Message variable so I could use it in my
custom functions :-)).

Hope that makes sense!


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I don't think you can avoid the 2 calls to localtime can you? In a
scalar context it returns a nice pretty string and in a list context it
returns a structure. So evaluating it in a list context, and then using
the "scalar" operator on that would not have the same effect as applying
the "scalar" operator directly on localtime itself.

Chuck Foster wrote:

>>Please can you try the attached patches for and
>Yup, they're fine. Dare I say it you could remove the TodayDir() function
>completely now ...
>Still have the two localtime()'s to resolve in Message::New() though :-)

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