Reliable RBL,SBL Lists

Frank Louwers frank at OPENMINDS.BE
Wed Apr 27 19:48:22 IST 2005

On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 11:23:38AM -0700, Scott Silva wrote:
> >>Any one knows reliable rbl list? No matter if they are not free.
> >>Now I am receiving false positives from wanadoo, hotmail,etc. accounts
> >
> >
> > wanadoo is not a false positive. they are bullet-proof spamhosting.
> >
> I second that. I wouldn't be surprised if even the domain registrar is a
> spammer.

they also happen to be the largest isp in one of the largest countries
in europe, and a big isp in some other european countries. Decide for
yourself if you can affort to block them.

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