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Wed Apr 27 17:55:43 IST 2005

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afaik sav 5.x (virus-data-version=3.x) does not exist yet for *nixes.
imho the real question is:
when will MS let us configure to use
  sophos and directly
instead of
  /usr/local/Sophos/*  sophos-auoupdate and Sophos.install ?

afaik it is not recommended to manage the sav-updates manually with
  SophosEnterpriseConsole (Windows 200x Server) and
  EnterpriseManager-Library (Windows 200x)
because all relevant datas are stored in the m$de/m$sql database.

EM 1.2  let you select, subscribe and publish the needed  CIDs  for all
versions of SAV3.x, and 4.x, 5.x.

Julian Field wrote:

> Ooh, this is the first I have heard of V5. I haven't tried it with
> MailScanner yet, but I will try to  either this weekend or  some time
> next week. I've got a few other things to do first, but it is definitely
> on the list.
> Thanks for the heads-up!
> As for the other question, I deliberately have separately-managed F-Prot
> installations on my email gateways as well as Sophos. Then if the
> central management system and/or Sophos fails,

sav 5.x let you setup 2 sources for updates,
/etc/emistall.conf  3, see /usr/local/sav/

eg. your local server and sophos directly.
the SEC let you change all these settings for win/mac remotely within a
few seconds and for seperately groups different.

a minimal eminstall.conf could be
$ cat /etc/eminstall.conf
EM install CID = /mnt/smb/unixinst/linux/intel_libc6/
EM cache dir = /usr/local/sav-cache

> my mail is still
> protected. Going to total central management is fine as long as it
> works. If it fails, everything fails together. Beware.

EM can send infos, download-infos, warnings to you.

> Adri Koppes wrote:
>> I have evaluated Sophos 3.xx running on FreeBSD 4.10, called from
>> Mailscanner using the perl SAVI module.
>> I have noticed Sophos have announced the new version 5.0 on their
>> website and are dropping support for the 3.xx version by the end of
>> 2005.
>> Before purchasing a new license, does the new version 5.0 also work
>> with MailScanner and/or the perl SAVI module? I'll probably upgrade
>> the mailserver to FreeBSD 5.4 64bit in the near future.
>> If not, does anyone know of any other good anti virus software with
>> centralized management in a mixes Windows/FreeBSD network?


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