AWL problems

Dave Duffner - PSCGi webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Wed Apr 27 16:08:27 IST 2005

        See now he's hitting the same wall I am...

        Even deleting the AWL's for the individual accounts,
MS is still compiling the AWL file.  And that's with all
the config points possible turned off, MS indicating that
autolearn is disabled.

        Since deleting the AWL file in the .spamassassin dir
for each user, it's lowered the point value back down to 0.0
and then starts averaging it back up.  Julian's ratings for
his posts here that I get stopped AWL rating it, then started
with a 0.0 and as I get more of his posts I think we're up
to a 0.9 rating.  Once it sees enough of his posts, it'll
be back to tagging his mail until I kill that AWL file in
that account's dir again.

        Chris may not be that far along in the process yet,
but it certainly sounds like he's heading in that direction.

        So either we've got a weird bug or there's some setting
being overridden or hidden somewhere so deep that it's
triggering the AWL ratings again.  And with a ton of accounts,
that's a serious PIA to have to manually delete AWL files on
a constant basis to kill it off.

        I'm open for any suggestions, scripts, cron jobs or
otherwise to get that fool thing stopped.  In our case we're
using an Ensim Hosting OS, so we're stuck with 3.XX of SA
as any upgrades that might've fixed this would either foul
up Ensim or be overwritten in the next half-a'ed upgrade or
patch from Ensim for the OS.

     David J. Duffner
     Paradise Shore Communications Group

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> Chris
> if you're using SA 3.x this doesn't work. You'll need to turn
> it off in the SA config files.
> --
> Martin Hepworth
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> Solid State Logic
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> Fractal IT Dept. wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I'm having a problem with ham becoming spam because it receives AWL
> > points. I'm not sure why this is happening, because in my
> > mailscanner.conf file, I have:
> >
> > SpamAssassin Auto Whitelist = no
> >
> > Any thoughts as to what could possibly be causing this?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Chris

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