New on Redhat 9 (problems)

chardlist chardlist at CHARD.NET
Tue Apr 26 20:49:41 IST 2005

Perl Version 5.8.5

Redhat 9

Mailscanner 4.40.11



I'm performing a fresh install of Mailscanner on a Redhat 9 box and am
getting the following errors when running the ./ ignore-perl


I’ve installed on FreeBSD before, but this is my first run at it on
a Linux system.  I’ve installed all of the perl modules listed
below using CPAN so I’m stumped.


Thanks for the help,



First errors…


t/getdate....ok 114/128Confused test output: test 114 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 115/128Confused test output: test 115 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 116/128Confused test output: test 116 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 117/128Confused test output: test 117 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 118/128Confused test output: test 118 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 119/128Confused test output: test 119 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 120/128Confused test output: test 120 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 121/128Confused test output: test 121 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 122/128Confused test output: test 122 answered after test

t/getdate....ok 123/128Confused test output: test 123 answered after test

t/getdate....FAILED tests 1-5

        Failed 5/128 tests, 96.09% okay


Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed


t/date.t                 123  123 100.00%  1-123

t/format.t               150   18  12.00%  8-9 25 28-29 34 58-59 75 78-79

                                           108-109 125 128-129 134

t/getdate.t              128    5   3.91%  1-5

Failed 3/4 test scripts, 25.00% okay. 146/404 subtests failed, 63.86%

make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255

error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.94578 (%build)


Missing file

Maybe it did not build correctly?








error: Failed dependencies:

        perl(Date::Format) is needed by perl-MailTools-1.50-1

        perl(Date::Parse) is needed by perl-MailTools-1.50-1






error: Failed dependencies:

        perl(Mail::Field) is needed by perl-MIME-tools-5.417-1

        perl(Mail::Field) >= 1.05 is needed by perl-MIME-tools-5.417-1

        perl(Mail::Header) >= 1.06 is needed by perl-MIME-tools-5.417-1

        perl(Mail::Internet) >= 1.28 is needed by perl-MIME-tools-5.417-1

        perl-MailTools is needed by perl-MIME-tools-5.417-1






error: Failed dependencies:

        perl(MIME::Body) is needed by perl-Convert-TNEF-0.17-1



And Finally:



error: Failed dependencies:

        perl-MIME-tools >= 5.412 is needed by mailscanner-4.40.11-1





Thanks again,


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