Rules du jour troubles

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Tue Apr 26 18:53:37 IST 2005

Matt Kettler wrote:
> In more detail, you'll want to take these steps.
>     1) update your RDJ config file to reflect the new name. Find the
> reference to and add the 0 to it's name.
>     2) cd /etc/mail/spamassassin
>     3) wget
>     4) rm

Well, some things changed in RDJ.  I was getting similar messages for some
time and was confused by them too.  The error message said to change the
"language files".  Didn't have any, so I left it alone and after a week or
so that particular message stopped.  I got curious this morning though so
started looking closer and noticed that there's a newer version of
rules_du_jur out than I was running and now instead of rules_du_jur and
my_rules_du_jur in /root/bin, the new system wants a config file in
/etc/rulesdujour.  Also said my_rules_du_jour is deprecated.

So I started updating my system, but am confused a little.  Some places on
the web site indicate to configure everything in the script, and others say
to use a config file.  Here's what I've done so far:

1: copied latest rules_du_jour to /root/bin/
2: created the /etc/rulesdujour directory
3: copied the rules_du_jur script there as a starting point, renaming it
4: Deleted everything before the line: TRUSTED_RULESETS="TRIPWIRE
(That's the default list - I did modify a bit, to taste).

It's not entirely clear what else goes in there.  There's the "Rules File
Registry" section in the script.  I think that should go in the config file
but am not sure.  If it's in the config file, does it also remain in the
script?  Seems that would be a hassle to have to update it in two places.
Same with the "Local Settings" section.  Does that go in both the script and
config file?

The web page (
"Note: To those wishing to add these rulesets to your local installation of
RulesDuJour: copy and paste the ruleset information you wish to install into
the rules_du_jour script between "Begin Rules File Registry" and "End Rules
File Registry". Then add the rule name (eg: TRIPWIRE) to the
TRUSTED_RULESETS configuration line."

So that says put 'em in the script, but I'd think they'd go in the config

Also, the script says to "Configure Local settings in your config file"
while says this:
"Configure RulesDuJour local settings (SA_DIR, MAIL_ADDRESS, SA_RESTART in
the script)"

So where are they configured?  Both places?  Do I need to update both when
new rulesets come out, or just the config file?  Does one update the
TRUSTED_RULESETS line in both the script and the config file too?

So it sounds like RDJ is in a state of upgrade flux.  Sorry if this is
getting too off topic but I'm sure many MailScanner users are also using RDJ
and would appreciate a clarification.  Or maybe I'm the only dummy here. <g>

Does anybody have a generic config file and script that they could share
showing exactly what needs to be in each file?


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