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Fri Apr 22 10:53:09 IST 2005

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Hi, I am currently facing the same problem with my
primary mail gateway...

As describe before in the thread "Mailscanner treats
the mails very slowly", the primary mail received a
huge number of spam and start to hang...

FYI, the configuration is:
- 1 Pentium 4 Xeon 2.4 Ghz HT
- 1.5 Gb RAM
- 36 Gb HD SCSI U320 (Raid 1)

- Postfix 2.2.1
- MS 4.40.11-1
- SA 3.0.2
- Kaspersky 5.0.5
- Bind 9.X

In a first time I put a second MX (a clone of the
first system) in round-robin. It works perfectly but
at the next attack I got the same effect, the two
systems hang.

Of course the processing time was lowered but remain

The issue come from SA because if I disable it, the
MXs process the whole queue (about 10000 mails) in 20
min instead of 4 hours...

I try to disable call to RBL et SURBL in SA but the
problem remains the same.

I there some known bug in SA??? I search their
bugzilla but there is so many things...

So putting a second primary mail server in load
sharing reduce the time needed to process mail but it
seens we received more mail: the more you put, the
more you get!!!

If someone got another idea....



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