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AP pearsoa at SUNBEAM.COM
Thu Apr 21 15:52:03 IST 2005

Hey Guys,

Is there a way that I can shutdown the reception of mail to the inbound
queue while still allowing MailScanner to process what's currently in the
inbound queue and still allow the delivery of mail in the post-processing

I know that I could turn off port 25 on the Firewall to the specific mail
gateway but I would like to do this on the Mail Gateway itself.

Here's my reason.  We sometimes early in the mornings (3-4am) get directed
SPAM attacks that loads up our primary mail gateway.  Our inbound queues
can get quite large and the primary mail gateway will continue receiving
the mail without regard to how large the inbound queue is getting.  We can
sometimes get 3000-5000 messages in the inbound queue while our secondary
mail gateway is practically idle.

I was thinking that I could write a mailqin monitoring script that would
poll the queue every 5 minutes and if it has reached some kind of
threshold, say 500-1000 messages, it would then stop the receiving of
inbound mail until MailScanner had processed the queue down to some
minimum, say 100 messages, before it would start back the receiving of
mail.  That way the secondary mail gateway would start taking on some of
the load and we could avoid some of the message delays that we get because
of the backlog.

Our primary and secondary mail gateways are fairly heavy duty boxes, Server
class with dual hyper-threaded processors and lots of memory so it is not
that the boxes are underpowered it's just that the secondary box is being
under utilized.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.  If there is a better way to
handle this I would be interested to know.



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