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David Thurman listonly at WEBPRESENCEGROUP.NET
Thu Apr 21 02:12:02 IST 2005


I have searched the mailing list, google and my old notes, I had to reload a
new debian server here and installed ver. Sarge, used the testing version of
MS (4.40.11) and SA (3.0.2) and am having MAJOR issues getting sendmail to
drop mail into the /var/spool/

I set sendmail.conf with:

DAEMON_PARMS="-bd -OPrivacyOptions=noetrn -ODeliveryMode=queueonly

Did a make, also did a sendmailconfig, stopped, and then started sendmail,
also MS but still no luck with mail going to the first.

Mail is going directly to /var/spool/mqueue

My shows correct though the /etc/init.d/sendmail doesn't seem to
be written to correctly, I even manually edited this file. Still same
effect, mail going to the wrong queue.

I do see this when I do a ps aux:

root      2494  0.0  0.3  6440 2424 ?        Ss   13:41   0:00 sendmail:
MTA: Queue runner at 00:10:00 for /var/spool/mqueue

I am at a loss as to where this is coming from, I did read about somehow
related to but I am starting to get a little confused on this.

Any help I can be pointed to or the magic pill would be rewarded with a case
of virtual beer of your choice:)

Many thanks!
David Thurman

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