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You can add a ruleset to virtually everything in MailScanner.conf, so
you can create incredibly complicated configuration systems if you want
to. Different values for different arbitrary groups of email addresses
(it even supports full regular expressions) for different configuration

Rulesets aren't specific to MCP Checks or anything, they are a general
topic and are (I believe) fairly well documented.

Have you considered buying the book? It's got loads of useful stuff like
this in it. And a bargain at only $39.95. You can buy it (cheapest and
fastest) straight off

Philip Parsons wrote:

>I have checked out the Wiki and the Faq but all I can find is the link
>to which does
>not mention anything about a adding a rule set ??  And when you say Add
>a ruleset to the "MCP Checks" setting, and then your whitelisted
>addresses will never get MCP-checked at all, I do not get it do you mean
>MCP Checks = no or yes point that to a ruleset ??? Some examples would
>be great.. Thanks..
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>I would whitelist them in MailScanner.conf and a ruleset, rather than in
>SpamAssassin. Should be faster.
>Add a ruleset to the "MCP Checks" setting, and then your whitelisted
>addresses will never get MCP-checked at all, which will save you some
>system load.
>If you need help writing a ruleset, check out the Book, the Wiki, the
>mailing list archives, etc...
>Philip Parsons wrote:
>>I cannot seem to find a way to add an MCp white list.  I see a
>>reference to it in mcp.spam.assassin.prefs.conf but it does not seem
>>to be working I have the entries setup this way..
>>whitelist_from           noc at
>>whitelist_from           wsjohnson at
>>whitelist_from           brandy at
>>whitelist_from           *
>>Any ideas..
>>Thank you.
>>Philip Parsons
>>Team Leader, IT
Julian Field
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