maillog logging level

Billy Pumphrey billy at PLANETGEEK.BIZ
Tue Apr 19 16:32:35 IST 2005

I think that I have a clue!

I stopped mailscanner via service MailScanner stop.
Then I sent a message to test to see if it would come through and it did.

So messages are not even going through MailScanner.  At this point I do not
know how to trouble shoot why really.  I thought that I configured my new
server (this one) the same as my last one.  My setup is that MailScanner is
the relay between the internet and my exchange server  I will run
briefly what I did.
Edited mailertable to:          esmtp:[]      esmtp:[]

Then I ran the makefile thing (??? Can't recall the command) for

Other than that I change organization name and such in MailScanner.conf.

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