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Tue Apr 19 12:10:12 IST 2005

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Please read the thread with the subject "Re: MailScanner Scan Subject", 
in particular my reply on 14 April 2005.

Ricardo Luis Cañavate wrote:

>Hi Friends!
>I need help again, although my contributions are nothing, I have been always
>asking for help, thanks in advanced for all your support.
>I have SpamAssassin and I want to make a rule who look inside some Subject,
>Body, email addresses inside my organization for block some messages they
>are sending without control.
>I try to learn by reading other rules and I try to create my own rule but I
>am a very bad "spamassassin ruler".
>Ricardo Luís Cañavate García
>Dpto. Informática
>NOZAR Grupo Inmobiliario
>Tel: 91 758 96 30 | Fax: 91 559 85 82
>Usted recibe este mensaje porque su dirección e-mail se encuentra en 
>nuestra base de datos al haber tenido contactos anteriores con nosotros, 
>por lo que entendemos que contamos con su autorización para enviarle 
>información profesional. No obstante, si no desea seguir recibiéndola 
>basta con hacérnoslo saber.
>Este mensaje se dirige exclusivamente a su destinatario y puede contener 
>información privilegiada o confidencial. Si no es vd. el destinatario 
>indicado, queda notificado de que la utilización, divulgación y/o copia 
>sin autorización está prohibida en virtud de la legislación vigente. 
>Si ha recibido este mensaje por error, le rogamos que nos lo comunique 
>inmediatamente por esta misma vía y proceda a su destrucción.
>You are receiving this message because your e-mail address is listed in 
>our database due to previous communications with us, 
>so we have assumed that we have your permission to send you professional 
>information. However, if you do not wish to continue to receive such 
>information then please let us know.
>This message is intended exclusively for its addressee and may contain 
>information that is CONFIDENTIAL and protected by professional privilege. 
>If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any 
>dissemination, copy or disclosure of this communication is strictly 
>prohibited by law. If this message has been received in error, please 
>immediately notify us via e-mail and delete it.
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