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Ed Bruce ebruce at HPMICH.COM
Thu Apr 14 18:45:48 IST 2005

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Julian Field wrote:

> Ed Bruce wrote:
> > Julian Field wrote:
> >
> >> Take a look in your ~root/.spamassassin directory. Remove any files
> with
> >> whitelist in their name.
> >> And go into /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf and disable the
> >> auto-whitelist functionality.
> >> "man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf" for more help on what the setting is
> >> called.
> >>
> > When I did the last upgrade seems my spam.assassin.prefs.conf was
> > changed more then I thought. First the path I used for bayes was changed
> > (and lots of spam started getting through, CEO was pissed) and also AWL
> > functionality was turned on. I need to slow down a little when upgrading
> > and really notice the differences.
> Something is wrong in that case. The spam.assassin.prefs.conf file
> should not be overwritten if you have modified it, you should just get a
> .rpmnew version of it as well.
I did get the .rpmnew and did a quick diff between it and my file. I
didn't notice any great difference, because I was in a hurry, so used
the rpmnew, my mistake. Like I said, I need to slow down a little when
changing my files.

Somewhat offtopic, there was a great gui diff tool with SGI IRIX. Does
anybody know of a good GUI based diff for Linux. What I liked about the
IRIX one was I could go through the differences and choose from which
file to keep. Then when I was done it would save out a new file with all
my choices. I tried to get the IRIX version working once, but it didn't
use OpenGL.

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