Question regarding Blocked Content

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Thu Apr 14 12:43:52 IST 2005

Hi there,

upgraded yesterday to the latest version.

But, i do have the following settings for Virus Scanning:

Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/virus.scanner.rules

and within this ruleset, there is a setting for mails to one person with

marcel:/etc/MailScanner # cat rules/virus.scanner.rules
# This is where you can build a Spam WhiteList
# Addresses matching in here, with the value
# "yes" will never be marked as spam.
#From:          152.78.         yes
#From:          130.246.        yes
To:     someuser at         no
FromOrTo:       default         yes

but..suddently the mails to the user got there with blocked content:

At Thu Apr 14 12:34:53 2005 the content filters said:
   MailScanner: Found a form in HTML message

how could i stop this behaviour??

The user would like to receive those mails..

Thanks in advance


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