Possible BUG with the Script FileType

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Thu Apr 14 11:35:50 IST 2005

Thanks Julian,

I taught you were doing more magic than simply parsing the output, so I
allow   postscript      -       -
before the
deny    script  -       -

and all I now fine

Kind regards

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Please feel free to edit filetype.rules.conf to say whatever you want.

Mailing List wrote:

>Tested against:
>MailScaner 4.38.10 and MailScanner 4.40.11
>Sending an EPS file thru when the filetype check denies script files
>blocks the file.
>My rough guess is that MailScanner parses the output of the file
>and finds the letters "script" and interprets it as such.
># file Friends\ Fr.eps Friends Fr.eps: DOS EPS Binary File Postscript
>starts at byte 32 length 73761 TIFF starts at byte 73793 length 10437
>Can anyone reproduce this problem?

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