Postfix problems?

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Thu Apr 14 09:28:14 IST 2005

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Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Lance

> AS for Sendmail - quote me security issue in last 3 years with modern
> versions. I'm no fan of sendmail myself (yucky 1980's config file syntax
> mainly) so I'm not particulary defending it, just trying to dispell
> myths when taling about old and new versions of sendmail.
> If you want an alternative to sendmail/Postfix, have a look at exim.
> Plays very well with MailScanner and support from the two maintainers at
> Cambridge Uni is excellant. (like Julian's support of MS is )

As someone who is a Sendmail fan, I can agree as well. Exim is an excellent
choice when you do not wish to use Sendmail. Personally i _hate_ postfix and I
do not understand why it has become to be so popular. But that is a personal
preference. The Versions of Sendmail starting from 8.12.8 up are pretty clean
and rather secure. Of course there are always tiny issues found since the
codebase is simply huge. Sendmail X seems to show that there will be a
paradigm change, as it will be more modular and m4 as configuration language
will probably die.

- -d
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