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William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Thu Apr 14 03:01:19 IST 2005

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Ugo Bellavance wrote:

> William Burns wrote:
>> What is proper netiquette for this site?
>> For example, is it ok to do this?
> Bear in mind that the wiki is still a work in progress.  If you feel you
> can improve the page either in apperance or content, feel free to do
> so :).

Hmm... I already did the "bad" thing, by posting a question there, but
someone already corrected/answered it.

>> Would it be appropriate to add another page for questions that we feel
>> are not answered by the FAQ/MAQ?
> You can send them to the list, or to me if you feel it should be added
> to the MAQ.  While the MAQ page of the wiki can be edited by anyone, I'd
> appreciate if I could keep the control over it.
Ok... Would you prefer a separate "staging" page w/ suggestions for the MAQ?
That way you could move them over to the official "blessed" MAQ page
when you were comfortable w/ them.

>> I noticed that the "upgrade" section is blank.
>> What kind of info belongs here?
> This is one of my unfinished part :(.  What kind of info?  Something in
> line with the 'install' part.

Note: I dropped in a link to what looked like the appropriate section of
the MAQ, and one external link.

>> Should there be a procedure for archiving/removing all old mailscanner
>> files in preparation for a new mailscanner version?
> There is something on this on the MAQ page.

As opposed to what's on the MAQ page (possibly due to paranoia)
I did this:

 > tar --no-recursion -cvf mailscanner.old.tar `rpm -ql mailscanner`

I figured that this would preserve any weird tweaks that I made to files
under the "report" directory. In a pinch, I could recover any old file
quickly and easily.
I also did a pre-install/upgrade "diff" on my current "MailScanner.conf"
vs. a "MailScanner.conf.orig"

I'm not sure that has a place in an upgrade procedure...


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