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Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Apr 14 01:46:06 IST 2005

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William Burns wrote:
> What is proper netiquette for this site?
> For example, is it ok to do this?

Bear in mind that the wiki is still a work in progress.  If you feel you
can improve the page either in apperance or content, feel free to do so :).

> Would it be appropriate to add another page for questions that we feel
> are not answered by the FAQ/MAQ?

You can send them to the list, or to me if you feel it should be added
to the MAQ.  While the MAQ page of the wiki can be edited by anyone, I'd
appreciate if I could keep the control over it.

> How 'bout a "desired features" list?

Julian won't read all the wiki pages, so better to send them to the list.

> I noticed that the "upgrade" section is blank.
> What kind of info belongs here?

This is one of my unfinished part :(.  What kind of info?  Something in
line with the 'install' part.

> Should there be a list of MailScanner.conf variables that got added at
> each version, so that people can see what new configs they might have to
> deal with when they upgrade through multiple new versions?

See Julian's post.

> Should there be a procedure for archiving/removing all old mailscanner
> files in preparation for a new mailscanner version?

There is something on this on the MAQ page.

> Both?
> -Bill
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Currently it is in need of some more content, so I would really
>> appreciate it if you could take a look around and fill in the gaps
>> wherever you have something useful to contribute.
> ...
>> *** The Wiki is at
>> Many thanks to Ugo in particular for making this happen.

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